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Graduation Day Bible School #64

"We must go and tell the world about Jesus! There is no more time to be idle. We have been prepared, and made ready to go. Wherever we must be sent, let us go!"

The powerful words of the young graduate vibrated throughout the church.

The graduation ceremony for class #64 took place at a small village named Santa Gertrudis, Q. Roo.

In the midst of so much uncertainty during these past months, these six disciples faithfully withstood the storm and made it to graduation day.

Their enthusiasm and consistency on attending classes in the middle of a pandemic was exemplary.

Through the course of the Associates program God touched every one of them in a special way.

They are so ready to do more for the Kingdom of God by living a life of service.

May God Almighty bless them! We believe He has greater things for them still to come.

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